8/9/10 Carriage/Cabin/Tank/Division Tanker Trailer For Sale

1.product picture(different volume multi-compartment can be opptional )2.product parameter(volume different the parameter will change)volume40M3payload45ton tare weight 10000kgaxle3x13ton/14ton/16ton/20ton   brand can be opentional suspension mechanical suspension/air suspension/american t

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1.product picture(different volume multi-compartment can be opptional )
8/9/10 Compartment/Cabin/Tank/Partition Tanker Truck Trailer for Sale

2.product parameter(volume different the parameter will change)
tare weight 10000kg
axle3x13ton/14ton/16ton/20ton   brand can be opentional 
suspension mechanical suspension/air suspension/american type/germany type can be opentional
tire11R22.5/12R22.5/11.00R20/12.00R20    brand can be opentional 
wheel rim8.25/9.0/8.0/8.5 
kingpin 2"/3.5"
I  beam can be use aluminium alloy or carbon steel.tank can be boult type 
landing gear jost c200 /fuwa  two speed 28ton 
tank  body 6mm thickness aluminium alloy 5183/stainless 316 .can be add thermal insulation layer as requirment
end plate7mm thickness 
manhole cover 3/4/5/6   vapor recovery system can be opentional .civacon brand select
compartment2/3/4/5/6/7  the compartment can be work by itself .its independent
pumpcan be opentional
electricity wiring 6 core wiring;24v or 12v ;LED lamp;
brake system wabco relay valve;drum brake;t30/30 brake chamber 
paiting complete chassis sand blasting;electrophoresis coating;1 coat of anticorrosive prime;
2  coats of final paiting
tank type V different volume can be use the "W"
accessories brake shoe;spare tire cranking;shaft head wrench;jack 50ton;tire bolt;lamp

the normal produce process is very important.it can be influence the quality-durable years of the product .even the customer confidence to our product.
use the plasma cutting machine cut the steel to little parts use for suitable welding and splicing
after steel cutting process the next step is welding .this process the main work is beam welding .the top plate-bottom plate and the
middle  plate  will  be welding together .  this process will be use submerged arc welding process.this type of welding is very
special .its exclusively used in I beam welding .after this welding process other parts of the trailer will be use different welding way
for different steel-argon arc welding-electric arc welding-manual welding-gas welding and so on
this process is use for the first step of surface cleanness-stress relief-derusting before paiting .
4)electrophoresis coating 
this process use for more detail surface cleanness
5)epoxy zinc primer spray coating
this process is the lasting one before paiting .after this process the trailer an be paiting
after all the process we have mationed .the last procedure of the trailer is assembly.this process all the parts will be assemly .it including tire-wheel rim-king pin-landing gear-suspension-spring leaf -brake chamber-air wiring-electricity wiring-brake system and so on
The last process is packing .all the trailer use different packing way as customer requirment.after packing the trailer can be on the way to the customer

8/9/10 Compartment/Cabin/Tank/Partition Tanker Truck Trailer for Sale

1)if welding line should be beautiful and strong.this process will be checking by the quality inspector of factory
2)surface should be clean and looks beautiful.
3)brake system should be adjust before the product leave the factory
4)lamp should my checking before leave the factory
5)all the parts should be reinforce .especially the bolt shoule be more reinforce before the produce leave the factory
8/9/10 Compartment/Cabin/Tank/Partition Tanker Truck Trailer for Sale

1)civil servant worker before the year of 1990.
2.laid-off workers after the year of 1990
3)steel business after the year of 1990
4)build semi trailer factory after the year of 2000
5)peoples congress (NPC  member) in the year of 2005 
6)export business after the year of 2008 and NPC member .in the meantime meet the chainman Jinping Xi

8/9/10 Compartment/Cabin/Tank/Partition Tanker Truck Trailer for Sale

6.international market( bulk cement tanker trailer use for export market)

1)china market before the year of 2005.we can produce about 12000 pcs one year 
2)in the year of 2008 we do the national business .untill now we can export 4000pcs semi trailer one year 
3)south africa exhibation in the year 2010
4)russia truck and trailer parts exhibation in the year 2012
5.germany auto trailer parts exhibation in the year of 2015
6)america trailer parts exhibation in the year 2014

8/9/10 Compartment/Cabin/Tank/Partition Tanker Truck Trailer for Sale

1)why you will select huayu trailer ?
because we pay more attention to our customer requirment.we produce as the customer requirment completely
2)what superiority huayu trailer have ?

good quality-good after-sales service-good cost performance.we are not the best but we will do our best to service for you 

3)what product huayu can supply?

big trailer company not only have superiority product .our product is diversity

8/9/10 Compartment/Cabin/Tank/Partition Tanker Truck Trailer for Sale
4)if my product have quality problem .will you worker can come to my country  solve problem?

i just want to say :if you need just one call to me !

5)how i trust you ?

very sample !come to my factory just have a look !i resposible for you air ticket charge .what you only need to do is :
dont forget you passort!

6)how to contact you ?

very sample sample !!!!


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